Good morning ladies!! We had a very succesful turnout Tuesday night at our first mixed teams tournament!! First of all congratulations to our winners. 1st place : Big Mac & Sauces – Rob, Nancy, Jolene, and Sean. 2nd place : WTF – Dawn, Riley, Kathy, Sheila, Lynn. Joint 3rd : Ass Shakers – Stacy, Nicole, Colin, Blake. Joint 3rd : F’d If I Know – Jen, Mark, Mike, Natalie. Our Chase the Ace was won by Stephanie Martin for $135.00, Our Share The Wealth was won by Mark Allard for $132.00, and we had an amazing turnout for our first ever bake sale that brought in a whopping! $488.00!! FANTASTIC! Thankyou to everyone who baked and brought in goodies! We will definitely be having more at future tournaments! We will see everyone at our Playoffs next week, held at the Victory Legion. Premier and 1st Division will play on the main floor, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th will all play on the 2nd floor. Everyone will register upstairs on the 2nd floor before play. Have a great weekend! and good luck to all of those playing provincials in Guelph this weekend!!