Vicky Parry Memorial Award

In loving memory of Vicky Parry. The “Vicky Parry Award” was adopted by the London Ladies Dart League and passed a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting held April 2002. Each team may submit, with a brief explanation, a nominee who they feel is deserving of this award to the executive board, no later than the last tournament date (as stated on the current year’s schedule). The recipient of this award is solely, at the discretion of the current Executive Board, with such recipient to be decided upon, and presented at the Annual Awards Ceremony. Criteria for this award is as follows:

This award is presented each year to a league member or team who has shown outstanding sportsmanship over the years of playing darts in the league. Vicky was a very positive and passionate representative to darts, and she alwayshad a positive word for anyone struggling.
Sportsmanship is defined as, being able to accept losing a game and be a humble winner. Be willing to assist others withtheir struggles and frustrations with the game of darts. Welcome new players into the league, have a positive attitude toward the game, and be ready to assist the executive when asked for assistance. Accept a nomination for the executive when elections are happening. Have fun with the game of darts, and pass it on, by being a good ambassador for darts.please note a nominated person must be active in our league to receive this award

Our past recipients are:
2002 – Louise Campbell
2003 – Donna Simpson
2004 – Carol Kutcha
2005 – Barb MacIsaac
2006 –  Shirley Smith
2007 – Shelley Amos
2008 – Donna Nauta
2009 – Lisa Stanton
2010 – Tammy Lonsbary
2011- Margret Thomas
2012 – Noreen Weish
2013 – Cathy DesChamp
2014 – Cathy Hannon
2015 – Norma Woodcock
2016 – Dorothy Daubs
2017 – Helen Banasiak
2018 – Freda Owen
2019 – 29 plus 4 (team)
2020 – Flo Turple

2021 -SandySmith

2022 – Trudy Pettigrew