Please ensure the Executive has your updated phone number
and address and email.
Nancy McCrae(Statistician)
As you can see in your packages, there is one
emboidered cloth for the chalkboards. Please make sure
you use your own cloth to wipe the boards when your
team is chalking. We also have some for sale for $5.00
each. Each executive will have some with them on
Tuesdays, but if you don't get to see anyone, you can
send us an email, and we can make arrangements to get
them to you. There are a few colours to choose from.
I just spoke with Stacy Carnochan about a couple questions that came up about the Covid sheet. 90% of
the sheet was directly from the ministry. It states that you have to have your darts on you at all times
and you cannot put them on the table. Realistically there will be drinks, papers, purses etc already on the
tables, so we are saying PLEASE only have your belongings on your OWN team table, therefore you may
have your darts on YOUR team table as well. Do not put any of your things on other chairs, or tables,
that are not for your team. Also, you CAN have a chalker, and because we are using every other board,
the chalker and the thrower have to be 6 feet apart. Meaning, when the thrower comes to the board to
get her darts out, the chalker MUST step back 6 feet from the thrower while she is pulling her darts out
of the board. While sitting only! you may have your mask off. When you get out of your chair to use the
bathroom, get a drink, or even go and say hello to someone at another table, YOU MUST WEAR YOUR
MASK!!!!! the venues have every right to ask you to leave if anyone is not abiding by these rules! We
want to have a long and fun season, so PLEASE abide by the rules set out for the health and safety of
everyone!!! Have a great first night of darts ladies!! STAY SAFE AND MAY YOUR DARTS
Tammy Lonsbary is selling the sweaters this year. Pink and Black
hoodies and zipped sweaters with the cancer logo, and the london
ladies dart league logo on them. If you are interested, please contact
Tammy @ 226-377-5672 or if you have FB messenger, you can
contact her on there as well. With tax they are selling for around $35.00