Please ensure the Secretary or Statistician have your updated phone number and address.
email Jocecelyn Hatfield (Secretary) or Nancy McCrae (Statistician)
Annual Awards Dinner and Banquet
The Marconi Club, 120 Clarke Road, London
Date to follow as we find out
Hello Ladies! Cyndi our 1st Vice, has spoken to the owner of the Marconi Club owner. He has
agreed to wait this Covid-19 out, and will work with us for a further date to have our banquet.
We know how imoprtant this day is for all of us, and how we all look forward to spending this
time together to celebrate every year. We will do everything we can to make sure once this is
pandemic is lifted, that we will have our banquet. Even if it means having it in the fall. We know
our AGM meeting will not take place April 28th, but as soon as we have more information as
this gets lifted, we will set a new date before the new season begins. This is just as frustrating
for us as an Exectutive, as it is to all of you, but we promise we will do everything we can to try
and have our banquet. We are still as of now having our registration in August as we have
always done, unless things change. Please contact ANY of the Executive members at anytime,
If you need to talk to one of us. We thankyou for your patience, and we hope that this gives
everyone a little bit of hope that hopefully soon we will slowly get back to enjoying our darts
again! From your Executive, Stay safe, and take care, and we will update as soon as we have
any more infomation!
We have a (tentative) date for the AGM moving forward to the 2021 season, which
will be July 14th 2020, at 7:00pm, at the Victory Legion, 2nd floor. If you have any
amendment changes for the new season, please send all emails to our secretary
Jocelyn Hatfield at We would also ask that you have your
registration forms ready before August 4th 2020, which you can find under the forms
tab. Click on the link, and print (two) forms. One for the secretary, and one for the
statistician. If you do not have access to print off a form, or know of someone that
can print them off for you, please contact one of us, and we will do what we can to
make sure you have your forms. If you have any questions, please feel free to
contact any of us any anytime.
If anyone is interested in a 40th Anniversary coin or keychain, we have 28 coins, and
20 keychains. Tammy will have them with her at  Registration night. All we are asking
is a donation to either the Ladies League or the Youth League.