2015 - 2017 EXECUTIVE
The following email addresses are NOT links
but addresses ONLY

PRESIDENT - Tammy Lonsbary at tammylonsbary@rogers.com

1st VICE PRESIDENT - Barbara MacIsaac at barbaramacisaac@rogers.com

2nd VICE PRESIDENT - Deborah Haralovich

SECRETARY - Jocelyn Hatfield at jaybrat11@hotmail.com

TREASURER - Dawn Smith at smithdawn@sympatico.ca

STATISTICIAN - Tracy McInnis at tmcinnis2001@yahoo.ca

OMBUDWOMEN - Donna Nauta at donnanauta@rogers.com
Looking for Nomination for Vicky Parry Award
The following teams will be playing out of the
Moose Lodge 1205 on Weston until further notice . . . . . ..
Girls Night Out   and     69ERRS

Wired Up
playing out of the Victory until futher notice

PLEASE make these changes on your schedule and inform
your team mates