2015 - 2017 EXECUTIVE
The following email addresses are NOT links
but addresses ONLY

PRESIDENT - Tammy Lonsbary at tammylonsbary@rogers.com

1st VICE PRESIDENT - Barbara MacIsaac at barbaramacisaac@rogers.com

2nd VICE PRESIDENT - Sheila Carty at sheilawilliams103@msn.com

SECRETARY - Jocelyn Hatfield at jaybrat11@hotmail.com

TREASURER - Dawn Smith at smithdawn@sympatico.ca

STATISTICIAN - Tracy McInnis at tmcinnis2001@yahoo.ca

Christmas for Kids
Can give donations to any Executive Member
an unwrapped gift, clothing, mitts, hats etc.
Canadian Tire Money
Come out and show your support
All registration to go to KIDS