2013 - 2015 EXECUTIVE
The following email addresses are NOT links
but addresses ONLY

PRESIDENT - Corinna Genders at dart_goddess@msn.com

1st VICE PRESIDENT - Corinna Genders at dart_goddess@msn.com

2nd VICE PRESIDENT - Stacy Carnochan at scarnochan@hotmail.com

SECRETARY - Jocelyn Hatfield at jaybrat11@hotmail.com

TREASURER - Dawn Smith at smithdawn@sympatico.ca

STATISTICIAN - Tracy McInnis at tmcinnis2001@yahoo.ca
Banquet Ticket Available
must be purchased by APRIL 14
Vicky Parry Nominee's (click on name to link)
go to the SECRETARY
Annual Banquet May 2
Canada Building Western Fair
Annual Open Tournament
April 7th Duchess of Kent
Blind Draw Doubles . . . NO POINTS

Reg 6-6:45 pm  Play @ 7 pm
(Round Robin Format)

LLDL Dart Wear


All Dart wear comes with LLDL Logo and a variety of colors
MUST order from the any of the EXECUTIVE



Dart wear can be ordered at any tournament
or by calling any executive member.
All orders are prepaid