Premier Division team Misfits, have changed venues. They were playing out of East
West Bar and Grill, and are now playing out of the Eagles on First Street. Please
pay attention to your schedules. Also teams playing out of the ANAF #229 Adelaide
Street they will be moving to a new location. Until then, Polar Cubs in 3rd Division,
will be playing out of the Victory #317, and Family Feud 4th Division, will be playing
out of the Moose #1205 on Weston Street until further notice. So please watch for
those two teams when you are checking your schedule, and we will update here
when a new location for this venue has been found. Thanks Ladies!
Please ensure the Secretary or Statistician have your updated phone number and address.
email Jocecelyn Hatfield (Secretary) or Nancy McCrae (Statistician)
The next upcoming tournament is the doubles tournament. Please
remember that the venue for 4th division has been moved to the
Moose 1205 on Weston Street.
Please make this correction in your schedules!!
March 24th/2020 should be the open tournament/spare night.
$5.00/person, Registration closes @ 6:45pm, blind draw
doubles, round robin format
. April 14th/2020 will be the
Divisional Playoffs. Sorry for the confusion.
Your last chance to get your banquet tickets will be at the Youth
Fundrasier Tournament on February 25th. Please see Tammy Lonsbary