Please ensure the Secretary or Statistician have your updated phone number and address.
email Jocecelyn Hatfield (Secretary) or Nancy McCrae (Statistician)
Banquet tickets are now for sale, please see Tammy Lonsbary. Tickets are
$20.00 each, and $40.00 for guests. Sponsors will recieve one free ticket.
Please let us know at the time of purchase, if you will be needing a sponsor
ticket. Make sure the secretary (Jocelyn Hatfield) or myself (Nancy McCrae)
know if there is any spelling corrections or last name changes we need to
know about A.S.A.P. for all of the trophies and plaques.
Your last chance to get your banquet tickets will be at the Youth Fundrasier
Tournament on February the 25th.
Please make this correction in your schedules!!
March 24th/2020 should be the open tournament/spare
night. $5.00/person, Registration closes @ 6:45pm, blind
draw doubles, round robin format
. April 14th/2020 will be
the Divisional Playoffs. Sorry for the confusion.
The make-up game for the 2nd Division teams The Dartier Girls, and Girls Night Out, will be
at the Corps on Dundas Street on March 31st 2020 at 7:00pm in the Front Torch room.  
Don't forget the Youth Fundraiser Dart Tournament February
25th!!! Registration from 6-6:45pm, and play starts at 7:00pm. $5.00
to register for team play. Please give generously to any draws,
baskets, tickets, and chocolate bar sales, to help our youth
continue to make us proud of representing the future of darts!!