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PRESIDENT - Donna Nauta email: donnanauta@rogers.com  519-670-8708

1st VICE PRESIDENT - Jocelyn Hatefield email: jaybratt11@hotmail.com  519-636-9770

2nd VICE PRESIDENT - Karen Purcell email: karen_timmys@hotmail.com  519-697-2360

SECRETARY - Noelle Cartwright email: lldlsecretary@gmail.com  519-281-1632

TREASURER - Tammy Lonsbary email: tammylonsbary@rogers.com  226-377-5672

STATISTICIAN - Tracy McInnis email: tmcinnis2001@yahoo.ca  519-204-4523

Christmas for KIDS
November 21, 2017
Victory Legion

Please bring a toy, hat, mittens
so that we can give to local
charities to help make a
Christmas better.

Girl or Boy it does not matter
ALL donations excepted

Registration $3.00 per person
Reg 6:45  Play at 7:00pm
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