The following teams will be playing out of the
Moose Lodge 1205 on Weston until further notice . . . . . ..
Girls Night Out   and     69ERRS
THROW N TOGETHER playing out of the Victory as of Jan 24
Wired Up playing out of the Victory until further notice

PLEASE make these changes on your schedule and inform
your team mates
2015 - 2017 EXECUTIVE
The following email addresses are NOT links
but addresses ONLY

PRESIDENT - Tammy Lonsbary at

1st VICE PRESIDENT - Barbara MacIsaac at

2nd VICE PRESIDENT - Deborah Haralovich

SECRETARY - Jocelyn Hatfield at

TREASURER - Dawn Smith at

STATISTICIAN - Tracy McInnis at

OMBUDWOMEN - Donna Nauta at
Looking for Nomination for Vicky Parry Award