Christmas for Kids Tournament

We are absolutely overwhelmed with the turnout of our Christmas for Kids tournament we ran last night. I cannot thank you all enough for your generosity and support. We had 64 players come out and play. We had over 20 prizes on our raffle table. We had one of the highest “donation draws” I have seen in a very long time. We had car loads of toys and food items donated. We had cash donations, gift card donations, clothes, books, the list is endless. I am personally so proud that I belong to a league that can come together as a whole to help out those in need.
Together we raised $1,200 !!!!! and that isn’t including gift cards and the value of all the amazing gifts that we as a league will be donating to families. Also a few more people have reached out with even more donations to come.
Thank you to each and everyone who made this tournament so successful. Thank you for playing, thank you for donating, thank you for opening your hearts. We cannot wait to make this Christmas memorable for families in our community
You ladies are absolutely amazing!!!!!😍😍