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Anyone can submit scores. PLEASE ensure you are communicating to your team
members when the person submitting scores is away, so that they may have
someone else to do it for that week.

PLEASE have your scores submitted by NO LATER than 5PM on the Friday night
of that week. Failure to do so, unless you have a valid reason that it was not
able to be submitted, will result in no points given to your team.  

Once you have submitted your scores, you will get a confirmation page, PLEASE
save a copy of it, so if there are any discrepancies, you will have proof of that  
your scores were submitted.

For those of you new to submitting scores, here is a step by step to help you:
-Click on your
-Put in the DATE you played
-Type in you
-In REPORTING TEAM using the drop down menu, select YOUR TEAM
-In HOME TEAM using the drop down menu, select the team playing at HOME
-In AWAY TEAM using the drop down screen, select the team AWAY
-Put in ANY other scores,ie. 180's, High Out, High Scores, or High In, in the
space provided. Name of the person, their scores, and the team.
-Then at the bottom, put
YOUR SCORE and the AWAY SCORES and ensure they
are the correct total for  your division.
Once you get your confirmation, PLEASE do not forget to keep a copy for your
records, or take a screen shot from your cell phone, to keep for your records.