Updated News
All Tournaments will be Round Robin going into knockout. Knockout
will be best of 3 out of 5. Registration fee is $5.00
Please update rule changes:
You can hand in donations for Christmas for kids, or any other tournaments
any time throughout the season. Contact anyone on the executive, and we
would be happy to pick it up from you!
Singles Tournaments are A-Victory   B-Moose 1300
C-Canadian Corp
Doubles Tournaments are
A-Victory   B-Moose 1300
C-Canadian Corp
If anyone has any questions, concerns, or would like something added to the website
please feel free to contact myself at anytime. I would be happy to hear any
suggestions, or ideas to help make this site more fun or useful. Click on the link to
email me or call me @
519-670-2041 spicegirl0129@gmail.com
Playoffs are Round Robin, see Playoffs Page. Registration is $5.00 per player
New and Updated Score Exchange Sheets Available
Anyone looking for a team, or know of a team looking for members, please
contact our secretary Jocelyn Hatfield